Welcome to the latest incarnation of patjames.com on the web.

Where's The Beef?

I periodically wipe and re-launch this site as new web frameworks strike my fancy.  If you are looking for such patjames.com classics as the Arduino poker timer, how I repainted my front steps with Gaco Shield, or my rant against Taste of India, I direct you to the archives:  PatJames.com on ScrewTurnWiki and PatJames.com on OpenWiki.  Just be advised that the archives are static versions of the old sites that I hoovered up using WinHTTRack, so some stuff is broken and you certainly can't do anything like log in, comment, or edit content.  Yes I am a bit of a digital pack rat: you will find plenty to amuse you in the archives.  Sadly some of the archives are lost, something I vow to never let happen again!  Fortunately the good folks at the Internet Archive have preserved some of them, for example the stats from our CounterStrike LAN party.